Friday, September 2, 2011

Soooo Looonngggg overdue! Update with lots of pics!

Ok so I have been a little lazy at updating this blog so there is alot to show you guys!

First I have been stitching on two of my WIPs lately the SAL Rosettes Delight and a few stitches in Chatelaine's Indian Summer.....

I have been working on a crochet afghan for my daughter for X-mas...Don't tell her!

Also a crocheted afghan using up all the left overs from her blanket!

I also really want a sock blankie of my very own and so instead of knitting it like many others I have seen I found a really easy crocheted hex that works great out of sock yarn!

Mom and I are trading off crocheted blocks done out of sport weight yarn for a throw ....she makes two of each and send me one and I make two and send her one...mine are falling behind since I have been trying to catch up on the SAL and finish a few misc projects....Here are her two blocks and I have one done but it was too hard to find and so I will post it's pic next time!

And finally I am working on a crocheted poncho for this fall and hope to have it done soon!

In the near future I have quite a bit of stitching to get done....I have one more SAL I want to do and Four boys who need quilts this year......not to mention the few pojects that are started but not far enough alog to add to the more afghan and an owl for wyatt....a "gir" for morgan .......

OH and for those who would like to watch I am going to upload the very first play from my sons first Middle school football gave! He caught the kick off and returned for a good amount of yards!