Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Start and my Hand Dyed Fabric!

Ok so mom talked me into doing this nexrt huge thing with her and so I had to find a good huge piece of fabric which I DO NOT have so I dyed up some 32 count with some teal dye I had on hand and then after TWO hours of playing in the silks and DMC and Anchor we finally came across something for everything listed since the fibers called for are WAY out of my price range for this coming year!

Here is the fabric I dyed

and here it is with tthe colors pulled for it!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas is coming and the Peacock has landed!

So we have a little peacock and it took me forever to find the perfect place for him to sit on the tree but I think we did it! Here is our tree for this year!

AND of course since I was off work today I finished my Savannah's Curtsy into a different kind of stand up (I LOVE IT!) It took forever to put it together but I think it was worth the three hours of pinning and un-pinning and trip to walmart for different pins and them more pinning!

Here is the update to the SAL..This is halfway through.....

And some progress made on the Indian Summer Mandela that I started forever ago!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let It Snow!

Here is how I finished up the ornament Mom designed....

I had most of this on hand except the bells and ribbon on the outside, I really lucked out finding those at Micheals (took two seperate one's to find them in the right size!)

I want to send a Thank You out to marie for the ribbon on the bottom of this one! It is perfect!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Another Small Finish

I finished mom's freebie for this Christmas and I chose a little different color palette for mine....

Just in case anyone wants the colors I used here is the list for the conversion. ALL the numbers are Kreinik and the beads are Mill Hill.

Tree - 5982
Trunk- 5005
Words - 684
Kloster Blocks - DMC White with two stands 032 blending filament
Smyrna Crosses - 006
Beads - 60479

Here is what I have finished on the Thread Basket SAL for Part two and restitching part one as I go, I had to frog the entire house due to a mishap in measuring the big deal since stitching over one is twice as fast for me!

It seams my last post was cut short a little ..I was having problems with blogger at the time and was just happy most of what I was saying made it to the web.

Next to the stretcher is going to be another small for a fabric box for one of my sons teachers....Not sure what to stitch but I have a pattern for a fun stocking ornament that might work. I'm not sure what to stitch since I don't know what she celebrates for the holidays!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Savannah's Curtsy! Finished...Finally

So only two weeks passed the amount of time I wanted to take to stitch this pattern but oh well...She is done and I can't wait to see what I end up with after I finish it into a welcome sign.....

Interestingly enough I was always under the impression that she didn't have a face showing in this design...I thought it was more of a "Sunbonnet Sue" looking design...Well, that's what I get for not looking very close because low and behold there are eyelashes down there! She is indeed bowing her head to the right and the part I thought was a bonnet is HAIR! LOL

Next on the menu is a little frogging to do ...well, ok ALOT of frogging to do ...remember a few posts ago I showed the first part to a SAL from The Thread Basket???? Well I don't understand how I managed to not calculate the correct size piece of fabric I needed and so I will be frogging the house and stitch the design over one. I love the fabric so much for this design I simply HAVE to do it on this.

Future stitching plans are always in motion at least for me but there are a few designs I need to finish before begining anything new...One is the SAL listed above and two is Villa Mirabilia. I also have several partial things sitting around that need finishing up as in Ro

Thursday, November 10, 2011

This Weeks Update

I won't have a whole lot of time over the next few days to post so I figured I better get some fresh pics up here now....

Savannah is coming close to the end and even though I am totally sick of white I only have a little bit left!

And this is Part 1 of the Thread Basket's SAL thats in progress....

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Savannah is in the home stretch!

It's been a few days since I updated this so I thought you might like to see how she is coming...

I have basically all the white left and a few areas of shading in the dress,beads, and backstitch and she will be done!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Winter Suprizes!

So on the way home from the store we almost ran into the back of another car and after I finished yelling I realised why he stopped in the middle of the road as he did.....

I realise it is blurry but at night this is the best my camera will do...One of these days I really should take a class!

these ice cycles are about 18" long!

and this poor tree is all loaded down with snow from today.....I love to look at the snow but I really don't ever want to drive in it again! (not without my durango!)

Winter is here!

So last night we were suppose to get snow 2-3 inches OVER NIGHT, NOT before I left work so I took the two wheel drive POS truck and almost had to sleep on the side of the road! No worries I got home and it only took me twice as long as usual, and I only got stuck once! (and I really can blame the plows for that since I was puttering along to slow and we have to pull over for them to pass, so into the deep snow I went and it took forever for the truck to slide its way out again!)

This morning I awoke to a beautiful fully snow covered parking lot and so I tholught I had to show pics since this was not a "winter storm warning" storm but the one last week was????? I think our weather guys are smoking something! Anyway, the schools are closed and I'm off work tonight and tomorrow which translates to A WHOLE LOT OF STITCHIN TIME!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! Maybe I can get Savannah done??????

Here are winter pics- they look more dreary than it really is but the camera and I are not getting along, and so they look all dark but really it is nice and bright out but still snowing!