Sunday, January 31, 2010

Update on Current Projects

I was working very steadily on Castles in the air until I was bitten by the Mirabilia bug again. I didn't have all the supplies for the two big mira's I have so I started with this years freebie while I gather the rest of the things I need for the next one.

Mira Freebie 2009- I finished the flag so far and I am stitching it on 35ct natural linen over two. Hope to be done by the end of this coming week. The background (green) will be stitched in one strand of mystery floss from vikki clayton's Hand Dye Fibers.

Museum Celle - Stitched on 36/40ct linen from vikki - with any brown or blue I could find. I am only about 15% through this one.

Castle's In the Air - About halfway through part 4 - Not sure if this one will get worked on for awhile, the specialty stitches are starting to get to me!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Stitching Bucket List

I was thinking last night about writing down all of the projects that I wish to complete by the time I can't see the fabric anymore. WOW I must say I have really high hopes! LOL I have a completed list (AS OF TODAY) barring anymore releases that I want to do.....And the grand total is 293! Many Many of these are large and intricate designs and one designer (who will remain nameless) who I feel I must do all of them! I'm sure you will figure out who she is by the end of the year!

The goal is to knock out a large amount of these each year, and so here is this years list of "want to finish":

1826 Museum Celle - Already in Progress
Castles in the Air - Already in progress however only certain parts will be released this year so the goal is to be caught up by the end of the year.
Damask Roses- Still in need of the pattern.
Midnight in my Garden - Have everything needed
2009 freebie from Mira
Quaker Diamonds - Have everything needed

And maybe a few more in there that will jump out at me and depending on how quickly I can get these stitched I may also throw in :

Metta Putfrackens 1811-1825 - Pattern is on order- this is a huge undertaking! I think if I remember correctly the stitch count is 564 x 662 - Like I said huge - I will at least get this started this year!

The Complete list is located down the right hand side!

I won't even list the "wants to start"! Let's just say anything goes!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Rapunzel's Tuffet

I am flirting with some designing of smalls inspired by those fairy tales we all knew and loved as small children. Begining of course with Rapunzel. She spent two years in a tower waiting for someone or something to help her escape and finally along came the Prince and saved her. So I got to thinking what would Rapunzel DO for two years of solitude. Well of course she would stitch! So while she sat by her window and watched for the Prince, she must have stitch something like this..... Please be patient as I am still working on the front and the finishing of course but here is a sneak preview of Rapunzel's Pin Tuffet.

Monday, January 18, 2010

1826 Museum Celle Sampler Progress

I started this sampler a few days ago. It's huge for those who don't know the pattern. The stitch count is around 300 x 350 and was designed by Permin of Copenhagen. I wanted to go away from the traditional sampler colors and threads and lean more to a modern feel and so I am using just about every available anchor and DMC floss in blues and browns and also throwing in some satin floss and metallic floss as I go.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Castles in the Air! - Clue Three!

I really wish I had a better camera. These colors are much brighter in person! This clue only really should have taken two days but with everything goin on here it was hard to make myself sit down and work on it! Anyway onto the eye candy!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Castles in the Air! - Clue Two

This clue took forever at least it felt like it anyway! I love the colors but the way the pattern is written threw me for a loop! It took me a few tries at getting the right color for the right stitches since I have never done anything quiet like this. I am looking forward to starting clue three tomorrow!

Here's the eye candy!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years! And New Projects!

So it's a brand new year and in the hopes of moving upward and onward towards new interesting projects and ideas I find that knitting is taking a back seat to cross stitch for awhile. I began the Castles in the Air sampler by Papillon designs and I love working on it. It is a mystery sampler done over 24 months and I am picking it up on month 7 . SO it's not must of a mystery so far but the designer lets you pick some of the colors to use throughout the design and seeing how they work out together has been so much fun!

I have just completed Clue one. Here is a picture of the first clue! On to the second today! This one looks really interesting. I will post a photo of every step through the next year and a half of clues! I hope I can wait for them!