Monday, October 31, 2011

Savannah, and my halloween costume!

Ok so I was hoping to have savannah done by today however it didn't happen! And I missed it by a long shot! LOL here is her so far.....

And my Halloween costume for work, since we were encouraged to dress up and I do like a challenge I am going to be the Wicked Witch of the West's Cook!  Inspired by a panel we got in at me walmart for an apron with the Witch on it I decided to go ahead and make the chef hat purple and then everything else pretty much fell into place. The skirt fabric is for my sons quilt and so I couldn't alter it so I folded it over a belt and over lapped the edges and so theres the skirt! Black shirt, purple chef hat, yarn crochet hair(thanks to Mom's genius idea!)

PS - Fake eyelashes are a pain in the butt! and heels + Walmart = stupid idea! The shoes didn't make it an hour but none of my co workers seemed to mind, and we really didn't have many customers so I ended up in socks most of the night!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Winter storm warning my foot!

This is the results of our winter storm warning over night! We were told we were getting 8 inches! I don't think it is quite adding up to that yet but they are still saying 4-6 today...I'll believe it when I see it! LOL

Either way my boys are staying home from school. A few times in the past the day has started off innocently and ended with me having to pick the boys up in the middle of a blizzard half way through the day. I have learned to err on the side of caution with Colorado weather!

Only Six days left!

So far the progress on this has been hampered by everything from needing to clean the house, work, and now a winter storm! FIVE hours over the last two day were wasted waiting for tires on two different vehicles to be done. Needless to say I think on this one I am going to miss my time frame for completion.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Progress for Savannah's Curtsy

With only 8 days to go I really need to get busy on this! I really should be about halfway however since I work alot of hours on the weekends I didn't get the normal amount finished. I did manage to get the floor done! So now it's all about the dress!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day Five Progress....

Mom was ever so nice to send the few colors of floss I was missing so I was able to go back and fill in a few places I was missing.. BUT that meant I wasn't able to work all the way up and around her hands so instead I am working across and finishing the floor and then I will work up the entire dress.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Savannah's Day Four Update

I really didn't get much done yesterday but today I have a lot of stitching time so I hope to get the ruffles up the right side and then work across the arms and back down the other ruffle. I had to move her to I different frame since my Q-snap didn't have enough room to use magnets to hold the pattern still. (YES it was driving me nuts) I usually can manage small areas without the pattern in front of me but not on a full sized mira!

Anyway on to the eye candy!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day Three!

The right side of the floor is done and I'm beginning to work up the dress.....

Now onto the fun parts!

Do you ever look at a picture the designers have posted and even though you see the design it still suprises you as you stitch it? Well, when I pulled the threads for this project they seemed very boring...mostly grays and browns with a few blues and greens..... I have full faith in Nora and her ability with color, so I am not worried at all that this design won't be every bit as beautiful as I think it will and even more so than the photo of it shows!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Savanah's Day Two Progress

Not much to report since I worked most of the day but I did manange to get a good start on the floor...

And of course before I could even finish this mira she has come out with a new one! Merchant Mermaid....I really like this one, it has an old world label feel to it like the old soap boxes or the soup cans....

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Welcome! Savanah's Curtsy

I am beginning to realise there are quite a few designs I want stitched for myself! So I am starting with one that I love but have not seen many people stitch..actually I haven't ever seen this one completed.
This is day one for Savanah's Curtsy.....

I usually have a large enough piece of fabric to begin in the bottom right hand corner and work up but this piece is exactly perfect in size and so to keep myself from getting to the top and finding out that I am out of room and should have started ten stitches south of where I did, I started in the middle and worked my way down to the bottom right hand corner.

Call me crazy but I want to have her finished by Halloween! ..That's about 16 days!

This coming wweek the boys are home from school and I have a very light work schedule....So yes it is possible!

If anyone has any ideas please let me know but there is a ton of kreinik in this and I want to sub in something else. the colors are 013 beige and 021 copper. I am debating using marlett or something similar.......