Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Contest sampler start!

I finally decided what to use for the Wienhenburg sampler contest! Silkweavers 40ct opalescent Newcastle linen hand dyed called Winter Skye, and HDF d-bag silk in single strand that just happens to match Hints of Rue that I have three six ply skeins of!

Here's the first motif!

Quilters Mojo Doll

In the New Issue of Quilters Home Magazine they issued a challenge to create your own Mojo doll. Well here is what happened and how mine came to life....

I started going through my quilting fabrics and was unable to find just one that would be perfect, I came across plenty that I thought were good but nothing truly grabbed me. Then I saw down under the quilting fabric this piece that my Mom had sent to me. It was see through but strong, basically it is shear curtain fabric. Then it dawned on me that I could use any fabric in my doll that I wanted too since it would show through the shear fabric! So I began by cutting a 1/2" strip off of EVERY quilting fabric that I own. 120. So she is stuffed completely with my quilting fabrics!

After completing the basic doll I saw that she looked like a crazy quilt! So I began with the ribbon embroidery and then the beading.... She needed a face and so I used paper clay and a push mold and she had a face. After a little painting and decoupage she was finished.

Materials used: Shear Fabric
                        Quilting Cotton
                         HDF Ribbon for the embroidery
                         Swarovsky crystals, czech beads and a few size 8/0 glass beads.
                         Paper clay
                         Paint and Hodge Podge.

The Results!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update for Fairy Idyll- AKA The Neverending Chart!

So I thought I was getting somewhere on this pattern but then I opened up my folded chart and realized I still have a TON of stitching to do! LOL I really feel like this thing will never end.

On a side note some of you may notice the way the fabric looks faded on areas around the design. Well I hand dyed this myself and I think the sun is playing with my fabric. Yes it is faded. Is this a problem? NOPE. After it is all stitched if I feel it is going to show too much I will just have to get creative. Most stitchers would have been upset over such an obvious blemish but I am just thankful that the salsa my kids spilled a few days ago missed my stretcher!!!! Yep sun spots and stripes I can handle but red splotches are forever! LOL

And here is the freebies progress.... I realize it isn't much but al least you can tell I am workin on it! 
Stitched over Two on 40ct Newcastle Linen in Flax with one strand of
HDF silks, Old maid of the sea, OMG Red 1153, and Cream

Monday, April 19, 2010

Freebie and Giveaway Coming Soon!!!!

So I was playing around on my Cross stitch program the other day and happened to design a Biscornu for "The Fourth Of July" and just need to stitch it up and refine the pattern a touch and I will post it for all to enjoy! 

Also included in this freebie will be a chance to win the finished Biscornu! So go tell all your friends to come keep an eye out for this freebie and Giveaway in the next couple weeks! 

I will post pics of the progress as I stitch!

Hey! Look! Sunlight!

So after waiting all weekend for a good day for a better carrot photo, One finally arrived! It is beautiful here in Colorado today and so....Here is the Carrot Magnet again in better light.

Stitched on cream 25 count Evenweave over one with two strands DMC.

And the veiw from our new apartment! Look how pretty the Mountains are!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Carrot Magnet!

After looking at this layin around for a few weeks I figured I better make it into something. Everyone Had really good ideas in what to turn it into but since the colors match my kitchen I figured a magnet would be the best use.

I used Heritage Plaid in matching colors and just stitched the front to the back through a piece of "tattered" ruffle I made by ripping off a piece of the fabric first. Used the left over "tattered" ruffle to tie a bow for the bottom. After the glue is dry on the magnet on the back I will put it up permanently!

The Picture is a little faded looking due to the over cast day we are having but I was in such a hurry to show you guys that I figured you would understand!LOL

We're all moved!

Just to let everyone know we are all finished moving and all of the boxes are unpacked. Things are falling into their permanent locations and it's starting to feel like home.

As I was unpacking my boxes of stash I came across some things I had forgot all about! It was a nice surprise to find a few fat quarters and some stitching fibers that had been packed up and in storage all these past months.

The best surprise was two WIP's that had been put into project bags and forgotten. One is my dads Old World Map, and the other was Villa Mirabilia. They have been on my In Progress page but I couldn't find the project bags and was starting to get nervous!

Well, I am back to working on Fairy Idyll, Since Nora keeps coming out with the designs faster than I can stitch one I have decided to try and finish this one by the end of May. That's the goal! LOL

Friday, April 2, 2010

Cricket Collections Freebie 2010 Carrot

I finished this a couple days ago and Forgot to post a picture of it till now. This was really fun to stitch, I worked it in DMC floss over one on 25ct Cream Evenweave. Using two strands of floss. I really waned the design to stand out since I was stitching it over one. Also I used a Sheep button and one Rose from Just Another Button Company. The design called for quite a few more buttons and a bunny but you work with what you have right? Well what MOM had! LOL I don't really use buttons like these often and she had these laying around so was nice enough to send them to me! I think they work well.

What should I turn this into? Plant Poke? Ornament? Fridge Magnet? Needle Book?.........Any Suggestions?