Monday, June 27, 2011

Beading and my trip to Florida!

So a few weeks ago I made a green bracelet to wear to my daughters graduation and completely forgot to take it with me so I thought I would at least show you some pics of it!

The pattern is from the new Beadwork Magazine June/July 2011
 Called Up and Downs
by Csilla Csirmaz.

I made it green because Daniels football teams colors are green and black! Dual purpose in my house is a must! I did not have the clasp they were asking for in the pattern so I added a button and loop type clasp and it still needs tweaked so the loop stays open after it's on but I am still going to post you pics of it now since what I really want to show you is making me not in the mood for fixing previous works at the moment!

Since this bracelet was to wear to the graduation and was so sadly forgotten at home Mom and I went shopping and as you can see I'm in a green kinda mood!

Below is me and my daughter Peyton the night of her Graduation! Also thrown in there too is pics of Mom (HEHEHEHE) and Dad also with Peyton!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! I LOVE THIS PATTERN! I decided to make something for peyton for her birthday this year and came across this at the library in an older Beadwork Magazine- Dec/Jan 2011 - Called Gothic Butterfly Bracelet by Mikki Ferrugiaro!

Below are pics of the "wing" which there will be two of and centered will be a rivoli in a bezel......I am having a ton of fun seeing how the wings are pleating and how it will all go together at the end!

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