Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Heart SAL - Free to Blog Followers!

I am beginning my first SAL for my followers today. It will be a short and sweet SAL that will be completed before Christmas! Perfect for a small tree or scissor fob. Yes, it is kind of a mystery SAL!

I will have the first section in PDF listed to download from this post, you will have to stitch part one to receive part two. Simply email me a picture or blog link to the post of your pic and I will email you the second part and the finishing instructions a few days later.

A few rules....

1. You must be a follower of my blog.
2. You must stitch part one to receive part two.
3. You may post about this SAL anywhere you would like but please only link to the post and
    not the PDF as all of the info it not in the PDF.
4. Have fun with changing the colors!

Directions for stitching:

These may seem complicated but they are quite simple to follow.

Download the pattern
You will need to small pieces of fabric in TWO DIFFERENT colors that go well together. Each piece needs to be about 6 in square to complete the design.

After picking the fabrics you can decide if you are matching the fabrics or contrasting your threads to your fabric.

You will need one thread to match each fabric but it's better to go a shade or two darker or lighter so it shows up well.

Next you will choose two specialty threads (Marlett, Satin floss, Kreinik) two match closely to your threads.

And lastly you will need a bead to match one of your threads.

For example: This is what I chose

Red and Green fabric 28 count (both must be the same count)
Red and green silks
Red and green Kreinik
Dk green beads

It would be very wise to write down on the key your choices so you don't get lost between part one and two. Any questions? If you have one please post it in the comments as others may run across the same questions and I can post my reply there and hopefully save some time for everyone.
not actual pattern photo


  1. Hi, new follower here. I came over from your Mum's blog!
    I'm intrigued by this mystery stitch so please sign me up and send the pdf. I'll do my best to stitch and post Part I before Christmas!
    My email is in my profile so you can respond direct to this comment.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hmmm sounds interesting... just a quick question do you need an evenweave or aida? I don't actually have 2 different colours of both but I can get aida easier than evenweave... oh and sign me up for the mystery stitch please.

  3. Please sign me up I would love to stitch your SAL, which I saw on your mother's blog.
    my email address is
    and my blog is- Notes from under the mountain. Thanks.

  4. I tried to make the link more visible but I guess there are a few who are looking over the link to the PDF.....Any ideas on how I can improve the ease of finding it?

  5. LOL Mangogirl, I made the typed part bigger and I think that did the trick it was very much smaller yesterday! I do understand not finding it! Hope this helps!

  6. thought I would send you an update.. will be ready to send a photo tomorrow. I an working on soft apricot and dark green Belfast (32 count linen) not a very Christmasy combination but after my recent flood thought I was lucky to find that. using odments of threads silks and hand dyed 12 count perle. AND I AM LOVING IT. will blog about it later to tell more people.

  7. YEAH! Your so awesome! I think the colors sound amazing! Very unique and would make a wonderful Christmas tree! I am so sorry to hear about your flood! I hope you were able to save the important things! I can't wait to see your photo! I do work tomorrow but will get you the second part ASAP!

  8. I've stitched mine but haven't loaded the photo to the computer, that's tomorrow's job!
    I've used red and green as suggested on a dark red fabric but used gold beads instead of green. It's a nice quick stitch but very effective.