Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Haed......Wha'ts the point?

I'll show you the point in just a few lines but first let me say I am totally in love with this design! I have only part of the first and smallest page done but yet there is a face. I cute little upturned face...and on that face is a tear! A tear I didn't even see until I stitched it! how cool is that! I love surprises and this is a good one.

This design is called "Happy Ever After" and is not the biggest HAED I have but it might have the most boring selection of colors....All Flesh tones, coppers, browns...it's neutral city in here! BUT every once in a while there is a flower floating down for a little color.....

A happy little purple flower down in the corner was a nice find also! I can't wait to see how his eye area comes out....will post an update tomorrow....I should have the page done by then!