1. Sixteenth Century World Map - OOP (1982) Maurya and Paul Mitchell III
  2. Shakspeares Fairies- Mirabilia
  3. Happy Ever After - HAED -currently focused on this one.
  4. Down Memory Lane - HAED- Rotating with Happy Ever After

  5. Happy Ever After 2/6/12

    Happy ever After 1/8/12

    16th Century World Map


  1. I'm intrigued at this challenge you have joined. Your WIPs look like a huge amount of work. I think I have as many, and this may be just the way to wade through them!

  2. I love your list! I really like the map you are stitching ~ very cool!! I am also participating in this challenge. I look forward to watching you, and everyone else, work through their lists in 2012!

  3. These are all lovely, but I confess I'm intrigued by the Sixteenth C. World Map. :)

    Well done!

  4. I really like that 16 c map. Hope you make LOTS of progress on that one, just so I can see photos!

  5. Good luck on your big stitches!