Sunday, December 21, 2008

How to make your own stitch markers.

Beaded Stitch Markers-Knitting

supplies- Jump rings ( these can be split rings or regular)
Beads! ( various sizes a plus)
Jewelry making Pins ( should have a top to them see photo)
Small round needle nosed pliers (see photo)
Wire cutters or strong scissors

Close up of jewelry pins
After deciding the order of your beads - thread beads onto the wire pins.

You will now need to make the loop that will hold the jump ring -

1st- using needle nosed pliers bend the wire right above last bead till it is almost a 90 degree angle to the beads.

2Nd - using the wire cutters or strong scissors cut the wire about 1/2 inch away from turn. ( I find it safer to cut these over the trash can so the flying end will not stab you or get lost in the carpet.)

Now using the needle nosed pliers - Grab the end of the wire and curl it back towards the turn to make a loop - it takes some practice. the loop should end up centered over the top bead.

Almost done - to add the jump ring DO NOT uncurl the wire - use the pliers and twist it slightly back and slip the ring on and twist into place. ( I wish I could get a clear pic but these are so small that my camera will not focus!)

This is what they will look like when finished.

Design options are limitless but keep in mind if you use a heavy bead or beads then when you are knitting they will be heavy and if using a lot of them , they may weight down your needles! Also jump rings come in many sizes - I use the smaller ones for my sock knitting but it is possible to find rings that will fit all the way up to a size 8 needle. prefer the split rings over the regular jump rings as they do not loosen up and your beads will not end up falling off- they are also more resistant to causing pulls in the yarn.

For crocheted stitch markers you will need to replace the jump ring with an earring wire.

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  1. Thank you! I was looking for a decent tutorial for how I used to make stitch markers b/c I hadn't done it in a while and this one was great! Perfect amount of photos and good explanations w/o being too wordy.