Sunday, February 7, 2010

Book Cover for my Journal!

Normally the finishing of a project is not at exciting as the finishing that makes that project into a "whatever" it is intended to be - like a pinkeep of needlebook for example. This is no exception for me however I did not do the stitching on this my mom made the fairy for me. The design is by Nora Corbett and it is the "J" fairy.

I finished this into a book cover for my stitching journal. The patterned sections are cotton, but the burgundy fabric is silk with silk ribbons that match. I
only had to sew on something on the front for the ribbons to tie too. I decided on these little metal jewelry links that I had. I sewed them on at each ribbon intersection and tied the ribbon through them to make a small bow on the top and botton where those ribbons meet the front. I will post a picture of these as soon as the fray check dries and the ribbon returns to it's regular color.
Ok here's the finished bows and a better pic of the spine.

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