Monday, February 22, 2010

Stitching through the snow.

While it snowed and snowed this weekend I made some really good progress on Umbrella sky. This is the first page completed, of course it's the smallest page of the entire design but at least it is one less page to do. This one had alot of that one stitch here and one stitch over there, and so I felt like all I was doing was threading and un- threading needles all weekend. It will be interesting to see this one done since it is soo new that I don't think anyone has finished it before me. I hope in the end that it will look like all the others but there is always that fear that it won't be as "painted" looking as the picture.

Here is today's progress on Fairy Idyll. I am over to were the bunny stands and so hope to have him done by the end of the week. Stitch hoping to have the entire thing done in a month (that ends on March 4th, I think) and so I am a little behind schedule but will make up alot of work this week. 


  1. They both look great. I tend to like confetti stitching.

  2. Confetti stitching is a very good description of what it feels like! LOL I love the out come but not real thrilled with the process.

  3. Watching your Fairy Idyll with great interest and cheering you to the finish line! (March 4, 2011, right? LOL)