Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Minor setback!!

I few days ago my little computer crashed, on this little computer was not only all of my favorite sites but also the freebie pattern I had designed not to mention a crap load of photos! Well I managed to get the computer restored to the factory settings but that doesn't help in the other departments.

I had already started the freebie and part of it stitched so I used that little part as a starting point and I believe  I have restored the pattern and I am almost through stitching the red on the front. YEAH! So there will still be a freebie and give away in the next week or so!


  1. That's a cute picture....:)
    It's the pits when your computer or car go on the fritz!

  2. Hi Jen, any computer geek should be able to retrieve all your data from the crashed computer - trust me on this. Emily's first year of college she spilled coke on her laptop, she panicked, poured water over it to delute the coke and turned it upside to drain the liquids off. Needless to say it fried the machine but they were able to retrieve all her data, course papers she'd written, even her music - they are amazing! Hope this helps!

  3. Thanks rhonda but I already restored it to factory :( oh well. At least the computer can still be used - it's not totally fried! LOL