Sunday, September 16, 2012

Needle Masters Monthly SAL

So Me and Mom were talking yesterday and came up with this awesome idea for a monthly SAL for needle workers of all types. I will be mixing in quite a few different styles through the year since my mind changes just about daily on what I want to work on.

The supply list and rules for the SAL will be posted at a later date with the start date being 1/1/13. I encourage anyone to join in on the fun as there will be a drawing at the end for a very hefty prize!!!

Just to give you an idea of what will be going on...

Every month you will make one page to add to your "journal" beginning with the cover and first page due by the end of January. This journal of your needlework may incorporate ANY kind of needle work., Including but not limited to..

Cross Stitch
Petite Point
Pulled Thread
Bobbin Lace
Mixed Media
And of course those Fiber Artists out there..

Each month you can pick a theme or designer to showcase or kind of needlework. It is solely up to you. However to be included in the drawing you must complete ALL 12 months of pages. Sending in a photo to the main blog is required monthly.

Basically you are creating a sample book of your needle work. We will post instructions on how to construct the basic book but as far as decorating the pages that will be up to you.


  1. This sounds, it will be a book of twelve pages of whatever needlecraft we choose?
    I think I would like to try we have to commit to the designs beforehand? Thanks for the great idea!

    1. Yes, it will be a book of sorts with pages of fabric and you will decorate those pages however you wish, one page for each month.

      You won't have to commit to any design...this is more for a "sample" of each design or designer so you don't even have to stitch the entire design just a section of it if you want.