Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Masters Book and A New Furbaby!

Ok Business first! I finished my Needle Masters Monthly SAL Book a few days ago and after much debate about what I would put on the cover I came upon an Irish Crochet Butterfly pattern in Crochet Traditions Fall 2012 that will fit perfectly on the front....Here is a pic of the book...
The Cover is Pink and Cream striped silk and my pages are Natural linen. Just in case you are wondering how I put this together...

I cut four layers of silk, two for the front and two for the back, sew around leaving a small opening for turning. I inserted one layer of ultra stiff interfacing into the each of the covers. Then I top stitched around all four sides to close up the opening and make sure it always lays flat.

The pages were made in the same way but cut out about and inch smaller, and no layers of interfacing were used in the pages. After top stitching, I used my handy dandy fabric hole punch/eyelet setter to put in small silver eyelets, two per page. Tied in all together with lt grey organza ribbon and now all I have left is the crochet on the butterfly....

Here is a close up of the bottom section of the wing. I am learning two new techniques so far with this project. Clones knots...Don't really enjoy making these but I do love the effect they make, and the use of Padding Cord. I am working with size 30 thread and a size 10 hook and the padding cord is 4 strands of size 10 thread. 

And last but not least we were blessed with a new Furbaby last night. Very mush by surprise we were given a four month old cat. I do believe he is the laziest four month old kitten EVER. He will only eat while laying in my bed! 

His name is Oskar and he is not real sure what to do about our other furbabys yet but I feel he will eventually except that he has sisters and will calm down....



  1. A lovely book. I think it is great how different they are all being made. Lovely xx and congrats on the new furbaby.

  2. Lovely book :) And I can't wait to see the butterfly it seems so delicate on the picture :) and Oskar is very cute... probably he's just getting used to the new environment and pretty soon he will be running around the house
    chasing his sisters ;)