Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Stitching Bucket List

I was thinking last night about writing down all of the projects that I wish to complete by the time I can't see the fabric anymore. WOW I must say I have really high hopes! LOL I have a completed list (AS OF TODAY) barring anymore releases that I want to do.....And the grand total is 293! Many Many of these are large and intricate designs and one designer (who will remain nameless) who I feel I must do all of them! I'm sure you will figure out who she is by the end of the year!

The goal is to knock out a large amount of these each year, and so here is this years list of "want to finish":

1826 Museum Celle - Already in Progress
Castles in the Air - Already in progress however only certain parts will be released this year so the goal is to be caught up by the end of the year.
Damask Roses- Still in need of the pattern.
Midnight in my Garden - Have everything needed
2009 freebie from Mira
Quaker Diamonds - Have everything needed

And maybe a few more in there that will jump out at me and depending on how quickly I can get these stitched I may also throw in :

Metta Putfrackens 1811-1825 - Pattern is on order- this is a huge undertaking! I think if I remember correctly the stitch count is 564 x 662 - Like I said huge - I will at least get this started this year!

The Complete list is located down the right hand side!

I won't even list the "wants to start"! Let's just say anything goes!

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