Friday, March 5, 2010

Big Ideas

Me and My big ideas! They get me into more trouble!!!! LOL So here's the background on this new idea I have. I worked for a local chain store who decided to change the work hours to hour I can't work so I am now out of a job. BUT that's ok since the hubby works and so rent is taken care of, but my stash money is now gone. SO big idea.....I wanted to get into designing and thought why not, I have a little stash that I can play with and plenty of threads so off we go to start designing.

I will be offering all my patterns through my etsy store which I will ink here later after I get something designed. I have a project in the makings now that I think is pretty good. The major thing to work out is the finishing instructions. I know what I am saying but all of you might just say "HUH?".  So just to let everyone know I will be working on a couple "secret" projects over the next few months and will keep you up to date on when patterns are released and where to go to buy them.

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