Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Last Snow of the Season.....I Hope!!!!

 back yard

Last night here in castle rock was awful, We had a ton of snow. In fact so much in such a few hours that I had to go up hill 15 mph to retrieve my husband who of course got stuck in his two wheel drive truck. So when we were safely back home (after 3 hours of driving the 25 miles there and back) I took some pictures.

more back yard

Front yard and our front door which is under a five foot over hang which shows you how hard the wind was blowing to get the snow all the way up under there!

Snow Bear!

Wyatt and the snow bear

The older older boys destroying the snow bear! Amazing how little time it takes to tear down a snow bear when it took about 45 min to build!

three hours of shoveling later...I need a nap!

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