Saturday, March 20, 2010

Moving Day Approaches

As our moving day approaches I will be posting quite a bit less. We are moving into a much larger space for us and I am looking forward to being able to store my cross stitch and other supplies in a more proper manner.

We tend to take for granted the space we have while we have it, I personally didn't realize how much stash I truly had until I needed to condense it down to fit into one stitching cabinet. Not that I have this HUGE amount of stash but when you take into consideration how many things go into use while cross stitching  or quilting, or even knitting you begin to wonder how much money went into that stash as well.

I have alot of my stash from collecting over the years but many of you know that two + years ago my storage unit was broken into and most of stash was stolen. While rebuilding my stash has been a long and fun road I am glad to say I am almost back to were I was back then.

With the help of my mom and a few other very generous ladies I now have a few projects in the wings and quite a few of my patterns back and waiting their turn on the stretchers.

I just wanted to thank everyone who have helped me and so you all will see a few secret projects here and there for those person who I want to thank in a special stitched way.


  1. You can always deck out Daniels truck to look like the one in the Beverly Hillbillies. LOL All you need is a rocking chair for on top.

  2. Be careful about giving her ideas, Barb.! YOU would be the one riding in the rocking chair! LOL