Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crystal Ball....where is my camera!!!!

I have been looking now for almost three days! I can't find my camera anywhere!

I can only tell you that I am making progress on the turtles for mom, and Mette is underway ( and looking awesome!) I also started a new project for a wall hanging so I can learn new crewel stitches. I am using the Anchor Crewelwork book - 30 drawn designs and about 50 stitches, so I better learn a lot! 

I also finished my Mimes the Word Needle Book today and it came out very well. At least I think it did and as soon as that pesky camera shows up I will get some Photo's on here! 

OH AND I won one of Pat Winters giveaways!!!!! Yeah!!!! I won the green and blue one - I adore it and can't wait to see it in person! I will post photo's of that too when the camera surfaces! 

Pat is still giving away some amazing things and you can still sign up on her blog, it is listed below in my blogs that I follow! Go see what she is up too! She always has great pictures and really awesome stitching to admire!

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