Monday, July 19, 2010

Devil's Head

UGH Finally after two hours of climbing and a two hour
drive it's over! I am done I climbed to the top took the
pictures and climbed back down!. Yes I did not take
pictures of myself but I did get the boys to hold still for
a minute and got pics of them so here they are at the fire
 lookout on top of Devil's Head!

this is Wyatt - he's five and he carried sticks all the way
 up and halfway back down again until he slipped and
 fell and then I umade him put them down for good! He
didn't even fall behind until after he fell!

Dalton who hates pictures and complained more
 then I did all the way up!

This is Cauy he did so well, better than I would
 have thought -this is the kid who eats everything
 and sits and plays video games the whole time!
 I couldn't even keep up with him until after he fell
 on the way back down!!!!

This is Cody and Wyatt - Dakota kicked my butt -
 he basically ran circles around me the whole way.

It was a great trip though the kids loved the view
 and all agreed it was worth the hike and the drive
 ( dirt road, Durango - and a girl afraid to drive on
 dirt roads! LOL We went 10 mile and hour for
 7 miles!) Here is some of the pictures of the view:

And lastly the proof of the time hiking and
how many steps it took to get from the bottom
to the top! 


  1. My grandsons are getting soooo big!!! They all look so grownup and I'm sure they had a ball and there's no way I would of climbed that tower!!!

  2. That looks like such a great way to spend some family time. Congratulations on making that huge climb.