Friday, July 16, 2010

Found it!

I finally found my camera so here are a few pictures of the Mime's the Word Needlebock: Details are- stitched on Gold Silk Dupioni, with 100/3 silk, Au ver a soie six strand silk, Krienik, HDF ribbon, Finca floss and pearl cotton, and DMC cotton floss. Lining is a burgundy batik and a teal batik for the pockets, and Burgundy Wool felt for the needle pages. 

Here is my current picture of the Turtles I am stitching for Mom for Rhonda, Mom will do all the finishing. I am just doing the stitching because it is quite small. The large turtle shell on this fabric is 2" across! Like I said very tiny turtles!


  1. I knew I was smart when I asked you to stitch those turtles. Whew....they are small. And you did a great job on the needlebook!!!

  2. The needlebook finish is just perfect! Beautiful coordinating colors for your design.