Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winter is here!

So last night we were suppose to get snow 2-3 inches OVER NIGHT, NOT before I left work so I took the two wheel drive POS truck and almost had to sleep on the side of the road! No worries I got home and it only took me twice as long as usual, and I only got stuck once! (and I really can blame the plows for that since I was puttering along to slow and we have to pull over for them to pass, so into the deep snow I went and it took forever for the truck to slide its way out again!)

This morning I awoke to a beautiful fully snow covered parking lot and so I tholught I had to show pics since this was not a "winter storm warning" storm but the one last week was????? I think our weather guys are smoking something! Anyway, the schools are closed and I'm off work tonight and tomorrow which translates to A WHOLE LOT OF STITCHIN TIME!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! Maybe I can get Savannah done??????

Here are winter pics- they look more dreary than it really is but the camera and I are not getting along, and so they look all dark but really it is nice and bright out but still snowing!

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  1. When do the weather guys ever get it right! Enjoy your stitching time.