Monday, November 5, 2012

2006 Mirabilia Christmas Tree Finished

Before the beads and Kreinik

I just took this out of the frame after 3 days of beading! It's really heavy, with all those beads I will have to find a really good way to mount it or display it. As you know if you read my blogs I am not into the traditional answer of framing. Therefore I will need to be inventive with this one.

All Done 

I used size B Nimo Beading thread for this and most of my Mirabilia because it comes in about 20 colors so it is easy to match the background linen and it is one of the few threads that doesn't break when you are using Swarovski Crystals. I did have one incident on Peytons Mermaid where the crystal was so sharp that is cut the thread and had to be repaired but this was a very heavily beaded area and I now use a heavier weight Nimo.
Close up of beads!


  1. That is really an amazing piece of stitching. Congrats on the finish!

  2. Heavens look at all those beads. It turned out beautiful!!! Luv ya

  3. wow that really is heavily beaded! I know you can only get these as kits and now I can see why they're so expensive.

    Your's looks absolutely gorgeous.