Wednesday, November 28, 2012

January Page For Needle Masters Monthly and Mirabilia Finish

I finished the 1996 Cherub for January page and added a needle tatted bookmark to the page and a few other little trinkets. i still feel it would look better with maybe a border around the Cherub but I can always add to it later.

Also finished the Bumblebee by Mirabilia for inside the front or back covers since there are 12 Cherubs there won't be a free page in my book for the two freebie bugs. I've got about a quarter of the Gold Butterfly finished and that one will also go inside one of the covers.

And I am trying to learn to Tat - I did complete a couple things with Needle Tatting but I am one of those who wants to learn the old-fashioned ways of doing things and so I am working on Shuttle Tatting now. I am super slow and awkward but learning is always that way. Here is what I have done of a Doily that I started yesterday and had to restart about a dozen times before finally getting the join in the center correct.

I'm not totally sure where this will end up but finishing it will be the hardest part!

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