Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quilters Mojo Doll

In the New Issue of Quilters Home Magazine they issued a challenge to create your own Mojo doll. Well here is what happened and how mine came to life....

I started going through my quilting fabrics and was unable to find just one that would be perfect, I came across plenty that I thought were good but nothing truly grabbed me. Then I saw down under the quilting fabric this piece that my Mom had sent to me. It was see through but strong, basically it is shear curtain fabric. Then it dawned on me that I could use any fabric in my doll that I wanted too since it would show through the shear fabric! So I began by cutting a 1/2" strip off of EVERY quilting fabric that I own. 120. So she is stuffed completely with my quilting fabrics!

After completing the basic doll I saw that she looked like a crazy quilt! So I began with the ribbon embroidery and then the beading.... She needed a face and so I used paper clay and a push mold and she had a face. After a little painting and decoupage she was finished.

Materials used: Shear Fabric
                        Quilting Cotton
                         HDF Ribbon for the embroidery
                         Swarovsky crystals, czech beads and a few size 8/0 glass beads.
                         Paper clay
                         Paint and Hodge Podge.

The Results!

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  1. Aren't you clever! She's lovely and she can do the splits! I'm impressed.