Monday, June 21, 2010

Almost done!

Well I have just a few more involved sections left and then the tendrils which are supper easy and go really fast. Then I will be all done with the embroidered part of this project! 

I managed to get four of the base blocks done for mom's crazy quilt, out of 20 total. I am waiting on a few more things I have in the mail before the embellishing takes place. I am not real sure what I am doing so I may not post pictures of that for awhile! LOL 


  1. Jenn! This is absolutely gorgeous! Your stitching is impeccable! Are you saying you've never done this type of embroidery before? If so, well, I don't like you anymore. LOL Just kidding, but totally impressed either way. I've always had a terrible time with the stitching that is totally filled in. I'd love to know how you did yours. It's perfect. I will be keeping up with this project for sure! :)

  2. Hi Carolyn! No I really have not done this type of embroidery before. BUT I love to stitch over one on really little count fabric so maybe that helps. It's really not too hard though, If the stitches are too far apart to just put another one in! I'm sure you could do it. And thank you for the compliment it's not perfect but it is turning out kinda pretty! Keep an eye on Mom's page too since she wants to do the finishing on it.