Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mimes the word!

I chose to work on another embroidery project that has a few more challenges to it than the last piece. On this one I will have to work a face. A rather small face, As you will see below the face needs to be filled in before the eyes, nose, mouth details are put on. 

The back ground on this is a two tone silk, I lucked out a few days ago and a lampshade store downtown listed a brown paper bag of silk scraps for free, OF course I jumped on it!!!! I was so thrilled when I got home and discovered that most of the pieces are large enough to embroider on and still have scraps left for a crazy quilt! 

Anyway I am using DMC, Anchor, Finca 6strand, Finca Presencia, A Ver a Soie in six strand, 100/3, Perlee, and a Metallic from them called "Bijoux" that is wonderful to work with! I have also used ribbon from HDF, and some Kreinik size 4 and 16 in silver. 


  1. What a cool design. How did you transfer it to the fabric?

  2. It's not actually transfered onto the fabric at all it's drawn onto wash away stabilizer with very fine permanent ink. It's a tip I got from an Inspirations Magazine! The only problem is when you have to wet it down to remove it, that's why the red on the last one bled! So on this one all the reds are anchor floss! LOL