Friday, June 18, 2010

Neighborhood sale finds!

I don't usually do yard sales but where I live had a big huge sale this weekend. Of course most of them will be out tomorrow but I have too much to do tomorrow to make it so I thought I would hit the early ones and see if I find anything cool.

In a couple of days I am going to be starting a crazy quilt for my mom, she has always wanted one and I was never comfortable enough to make one until now ( I hope) I will be working with yellow and lavender (think cottage style colors) with a few pinks, blues and all cream/white laces.

I lucked out a few days ago, one of the local quilt shops was having a back room rummage sale and I found a ton of yellow and purple scraps and I also hit Joann's clearance section for more formal yellow/purple fabrics and I did find a few.

And today I found some older costume jewelry, and some little girls Sunday dresses that will be salvaged for the trims and embroidered fabrics. I also came across a 100% silk formal gown in a very pretty light green that is suitable for embroidering on! I figure about 2 yards total salvaged out of the green dress and closer to three out of the five little girls dresses. Not bad since the total price tag was under $10 for all of it!

However, I should find a way to leave the five year old at home! He spent more than I did! He managed to get a race track and several cars for it as well as a beanie baby ( don't ask why! I have no clue!) But at least he is playing with it!

Oh and yes that is the FREE rug I found after cleaning and four days drying! Wyatt loves it, He drives and parks his cars on it! 

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