Saturday, June 12, 2010

Finally the Leaves are done! AND the Strawberries!

I managed quite a bit of work on this today since it was cold and rainy here I didn't go to the football game. I finished the leaves and the strawberries, vines, and strawberry flower and bud! Next is pansies! Purples and yellows will be nice to work with after all that green and cream. 

The lattice work on the strawberries was harder to keep even than I thought it would be, even though I tried very hard to space all the stitches in gold the right distance apart they still are a little wobbly looking! Oh well, it's my first time so I didn't think it would be perfect. 


  1. You're making great progress, this looks very pretty :)

  2. That is looking so wonderful. You are doing a fabulous job.