Sunday, June 13, 2010

Deal of the Week!

So we live in apartments here and sometimes people throw out completely useful items because of one reason or another. It has been raining here and so I went down to throw out our trash instead of making the boys do it. 

In the trash bin kinda just laying there was a braided rug that I recognized right away, this rug is from Target and it was about $85 new. This one was very gently used as you can see in the picture and since we are going Shabby Chic anyway I figured it was worth washing and seeing if it could be salvaged. Those who know me are familiar with my "just paint it" attitude towards furniture. I have almost furnished my house with free furnature off craigslist ( See the Sewing Chair!) 

After about 20 min soaking in bleach and laundry soap this is what I got! 

Right now it is still drying out hanging in the shower. I will show a better picture when I can lay it out on the floor. Total measurements are 3' x 5' and worth the 20min of washing!


  1. Great find there girl! Can you come and rescue my white capri pants - covered in grass stains.

  2. LOL I stink at grass stains!!!! The boys have lost many a pant due to those pesky stains!