Friday, June 25, 2010

What to do Next!

I can't decide! I have four blocks for mom's crazy quilt pieced. BUT the boys are home for summer and I don't have a big enough work space for laying it all out till I get them back in school. SO that is on hold for a few weeks. They go back on August 9th.

Then there is Mette which is a SAL with Marie but we don't start till the first and we are only doing one motif a week so that's not gonna help right now....

Then there is quilts for the boys but we run into the same issue as the crazy quilt for mom...No room till the boys go back to school. 

Well I do need a bigger needle book.....I have a wonderful mother who has made me two that stay here by my stitching chair, but one has my beading and cross stitch needles and the other is more of a pocket thing. Not really good for sharp needles......SO do I make a needle book.....Or something else...... 


The one thing I am very sure of is that IF I use a RED it will be a DMC! I don't care if it is cotton and the rest might be silk.....I can trust it to NOT ruin my stitching!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about shrinking your modus operandi back to accommodate teenage paraphernalia, as well as the teenagers themselves !! The needlebook sounds like a great solution.

    May I ask how the darling bunny is doing?

  2. Well, Skittles didn't make it. I didn't post about it because It was too sad. He passed away over night about a week after we found him. I don't know why since he was eating and drinking and seamed fine the day before. My kids really miss him but I am afraid to get them another bunny since I don't know what happened to Skittles.