Friday, June 25, 2010

So I finished...And it bled!

When I began the sweet bag project I took the Red that I was going to use and washed it laid it out to dry on paper towels and got NO halo from it at all. So I figured there would be no issue when I finished the project. Well I washed it, it dried over night, and the strawberry's bled! I am so mad right now! I  have washed and wash, soaked and it just keeps getting worse! SO the top half of the design is ruined. I am going to soak it in warm water and see if it helps at all, at this point there is no reason not to try it. 

For anyone who is interested I was using HDF (hand-dyed fibers) Silk six strand regular for this project and only the red is being an issue.

There is no picture because my camera won't turn on. I have tried new batteries and it still is not working. Which isn't helping me mood at all! 


  1. Oh no! Hope the soaking helps. Did you put a post on Vikki's board to try to get advice? They are always so helpful over there.

  2. Hi Annie! I didn't post over there because a few months ago someone else had the same problem and I read through all of the replies then so I figured they wouldn't be much different now. I am still soaking it now and I will try oxy clean tomorrow if this doesn't work. I hope it can be salvaged but if not I will use if for something else, Like the center of a crazy quilt square or a small needle book and Marie will just have to selte for something else ;)

  3. Oh no! That's just terrible. Good luck salvaging it.

  4. Hi Annie, I feel so sorry for you. I have been following your progress on this piece. What a shame. I hve had success with a product called "dye away" that we get in Australia which could be the same as the oxy clean.. Silk is a pretty strong fibre so hopefully it will work eventually.

    I have had BE threads run, and know how devastating this can be. i cannot believe in this world of such technology and scientific advances this is still happening. Maybe the scientists dont think this is important enough to spend time on.

    They obviously have never had teenage children learning to do their own of my daughters was completely banned from the laundry because her father was tired of pink undies...not that she complained, mind.

    Good luck hope the oxy works.

    Thinking of you,